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Although I had to “learn” to pull again because of the difference in stability of my rifle (I remind you that I do not have a tripod for weapons, but one for photography), I could hit the target at 500, 600 and 800 meters. In all cases 4 out of 5 shots.
At 1.00, 1,200 and 1,500 meters was smaller, but the problem was not the Hog Saddle, but myself.
Excellent product, I recommend it extensively.


great platform and I can use it with all my rifles without having to have special mounts. Very well made and the fit and finish is fantastic. Shadow Tech folks are great to deal with

excellent stability – easy set-up​


Any real world shooting rarely happens in the prone position, this gem of a product is a godsend, quickly deployable, stable as a bench and rock solid build quality! 
It will take any abuse you can throw at it and still perform in any and all weather conditions! 
We’ve put these through the ringer and they’re still like new! 
Top top class! 
Would give 10 stars if I could


My future son-in-law has been wanting this for some time. Fast delivery, wonderful gift. Guys will love this if they are avid hunters/shooters. Bout’ time!

RM Beaird

Not many words to describe it, it gives enough stability off a tripod for hits on 10″ plates at 800m! 
If your on the fence about buying one of these, just buy it! It’s a purchase you won’t regret


I have used the hog saddle for about a month now…and it is a great addition to my manfrotto tripod. It is very well built. Makes shooting from standing simple. I do highly recommend using a sling with it, the rubber pads go have a slight give to them and when my 26″ varmint barrel gets to moving it takes a little bit to calm in down but with a sling mounted I can twist around leg of tripod applying downward pressure to gun making it very steady. Customer service was great! Great job!


Easier to use than a regular bipod. The quality service and guidance when I called in and spoke with a former CA dude made the choice easy. Thanks Josh!


Discovered if you put a large O-ring between the saddle and tripod it makes a world of difference. The lock up is much more positive .

carlos cadiz

Money well spent…. Great product. Very well made.


The product right out of the box you can tell is built rock solid and was give amazin attention to detail. It mounts firmly on the two heads I do have. The clampING mechanism doesn’t feel cheap or as it will back I have a ar 10 and a rem 700 that fit it perfectly. Over a great peace of equipment.


An outstanding piece of equipment! No surprise that one of “Mother Green’s” finest brought it to reality. They have a way of making good things happen…


Built like a tank, it holds my bolt rifles and AR’s rock solid. 
It’s worth the price.


Bought the hog saddle a few days ago and immediately took it out to test it on hogs. Provides a very stable base for standing shooting and allows for quick follow up shots. Very well made as well.


Excellent piece of gear. Very well built and strong. Provides very stable shooting platform. 

For using heavy rifles with rails/NODs, this is best piece of gear I’ve found.


I am completely impressed with the quality of the mod7 saddle. It operates just as advertised, and holds my 14 pound duty weapon securely. I have also used it with my narrow fore end hunting rifles in the field with fantastic results. You can’t find a better product to do its intended task. Machine work is flawless, and finish appears to be extremely durable.

Steve M

We all practice and site in off the bench. The HOGSADDLE is an easily portable bench and has increased my accuracy 3 fold!! Incidentally, I heartily endorse the Manfrotto euipment you suggested. No serious hunter should be without this equipment.

Randolph Holford 

My Hog Saddle sits on top of a Manfrotto tripod, and in the saddle sits a Mcrees stock. The Hog Saddle provides the perfect marriage between stability and utility. It is a true work of art that has never let me down and has provided me with a dependable foundation to accuracy, even under the most rugged conditions.

Iron John

I am making a new Mark III top for my Randolf Rest. Can’t wait to mount the HS to my rest. Will have micro control with this rest in combo with the HS

William mPorter  

Besides the Hog Saddle working perfectly, I received prompt service and great advice for a matching tripod and head. Great product, great service. Thank you.


The Hog Saddle is one of those critical tools for any long distance shooter. Well designed and built. Took a Strip Giant off of it at 400+ yards after he made us wait over 5 hours for him to stand up. And a longer shot was required for a book pronghorn on a Unit 10 AZ tag. I don’t think I would have harvested either animal without the Hog Saddle. Another arrow in your quiver and must-have for the serious trophy hunter or shooter!

Gilbert Adams

Rock solid mount holds the rifle perfectly. The quality is A-1.

Manny R 

I am running the HOG Saddle ® on a Manfrotto tripod Model 3021 with a Monfrotto ball swivel head Model 3055. The head incorporates a QD to which I have the HOG Saddle ® secured. In every position, this hardware provides a fast rock-solid shooting platform. Perfect fit with AICS chassis rifles, hunting rifles, and ARs. Fits 5.56 rails on ARs perfectly. The HOG Saddle ® perfectly secures the larger round rails used on commercial 7.62 and 6.5CM ARs. However – for the larger round rails, I wish the saddle had another 1/2 inch taller sides for increased purchase on the round rails. Yet – the existing size is not a problem, as the HOG Saddle ® will secure the ARs and bolt rifles perfectly. One need not worry about the rifle in the HOG Saddle ® on the tripod – the gear won’t fall over. If you are looking for a solid shooting platform – look no further – the HOG Saddle ® is what you want!!

David Claypool  

Product is an Essential Piece of Equipment that ever Shooter Should Own. My only regret is not Purchasing one Sooner. I Ordered two Different Heads to run on a Manfrotto 055 Carbon Tripod. I was So impressed I’m kept both heads and Ordered another Saddle.

-Jay P  

I learned of this product on snipershide, and borrowed a Friend’s Hog Saddle during a match at Woody’s. After making 500 + yard hits from a very unconventional sitting position from inside a minivan I was sold.


No lengthy review or examples needed,it’s exactly what it claims to be.

-Jarrod Robertson

I’ve been out of the service since 2006. A buddy if mine down range told me about this product. Very well designed with functionality and durability in mind. I use it on a manfrotto tripod and made a shot on a moving boar at 433 yards yesterday with it. When used with the loop sling its very easy to keep a stable platform from any shooting position. Get one. You won’t be disappointed.


The HOG SADDLE has high rigidity and very light. In addition, the finish is very beautiful. I want to recommend it to friends.


I checked out all the available Tripod Rifle Saddles out there and settled on the HOG Saddle ®.
Why? The reviews were excellent and after receiving the HOG Saddle ® my decision was right on!
This saddle is high quality craftsmanship at its best and made in the U.S.A.!
The HOG Saddle ® will rest on top of a Manfrotto Ball Head 054 and Manfrotto Tripod 055.
My Remington 700 LTR is rock solid locked into this set-up and I hope to get out to the range soon.
You will not make a mistake with choosing this saddle for your rifle set-up.

-Sgt. Steve Duell

I bought this PIG Saddle ® with the intention of having my PRS clients rock this saddle at my matches here in Garrison Petawawa, ONTARIO, Canada. This baby feels solid and bombproof enough to take the abuse my clients both new and experienced will give it. I’m looking forward to giving it a workout. I love that tensioning knob, lots of leverage with my support hand while holding (strong hand) my PR rig in position. I like the smooth edges/no burrs finish treatment on the PIG Saddle ®. I just love the rubber/urethane/padded contact interface. I’m super pleased with the TWO holes on the bottom for 1/4″ x 20 AND 3/8″ x 16. Then I secured the QR or QD Sunwayfoto plate that I bought for $17. Smart move… the rest of you out there; DON’T buy ONE, buy TWO of them. I’m not joking. That Sunwayfoto plate is the best money I have spent… well so are all the products from these folks.

-Tactical Teacher

Three days and two nights in the foothills — camping, hiking, shooting. So much fun . The Pig Saddle mounted atop a very sturdy and durable Slik Pro-Tripod faced tough terrain daily and never once failed to meet expectation. When my rifle was “dialed in” on paper the shooting experience wasn’t just great, it was awesome. Most of our shooting was at 150 yards and closer. Rugged, durable, and trustworthy best describe these two pieces of equipment. Highly recommend for a rewarding shooting experience.


Tried my Pig Saddle today. Took it to the range and was able to hit a IPSC size target at 960 yards multiple times. Provided a very stable platform to shoot from. Certainly more stable than an ordinary tripod. Being able to hold your weapon in position will help reduce my acquisition time greatly. The only improvement I would ask for is a quick disconnect lever.


Tried my Pig Saddle today. Took it to the range and was able to hit a IPSC size target at 960 yards multiple times. Provided a very stable platform to shoot from. Certainly more stable than an ordinary tripod. Being able to hold your weapon in position will help reduce my acquisition time greatly. The only improvement I would ask for is a quick disconnect lever.


Tried my Pig Saddle today. Took it to the range and was able to hit a IPSC size target at 960 yards multiple times. Provided a very stable platform to shoot from. Certainly more stable than an ordinary tripod. Being able to hold your weapon in position will help reduce my acquisition time greatly. The only improvement I would ask for is a quick disconnect lever.


I was a little iffy on this considering my intention was to use this with a belt fed .I have run 3000 rounds through it and the PIG SADDLE has held the rifle steady and secure . Extreme vibration did not cause the saddle to slip or need tightened . I am definitely getting another one .

-Thomas W Donohue

Awesome for my work


I’ve been direct mounting my bolt gun via Arca Swiss plates, but wanted something that would be versatile for other guest shooters’ guns, my AR’s, binos etc. the Pig saddle with the newly updated aluminum locking knob is super solid. I couldn’t be more pleased.


I have an AR15 with rail covers which makes it wider than normal and rounds the edges but it still holds very well. My AR10 is also secure. I have even used my AI .338 Lapua and it fits very well. It’s a very versatile mount. While you may be able to go a little cheaper on the tripod don’t settle for anything less than this. Weight is not a problem for me. Carrying a 19 lbs gun makes this thing feel like paper. Very tough too.

–Sur-Com Technologies

this has got to be the best $135 I’ve spent in my predator hunting arsenal. I’m able to make shots without hardly having to move my body. Being able to run the light or call with one hand and shoot with the other has made things so much easier. Makes me wonder how I ever managed to do it without the pig saddle.

–Jarret L.

I purchased my Pig Saddle after using a hunting buddies on my recent trip to Arizona for Coues Deer. He had me use his setup and I harvested a nice buck at 444 yards. No vibrations or shakes at all. Excellent product that is well designed and produced. Immediately ordered mine and am looking forward to using my own.

–Harold T Sammons III

Getting up in the age spectrum has a tendency to send vibrations down your sight plain . Iron or scope, this pig saddle and tripod sure squelches that vibration. Awesome product, extreme little package. Just ordered a new Manfrotto tripod (MT190GOA4TB) and magnesium ball head to replace my old tripod. Should hold my AICS stocked Rem 5R.308 quite well. Thank You.


This is a must for long range practical shooting applications. Quality workmanship, well designed, built with quality materials.

–STOP Virginia

I hunt out of a ground blind occasionally and sometimes just in the taller weeds , attached pig saddle to a trigger stick tripod and feels rock solid


Very impressed with the PIG SADDLE takes all the work out of tripod shooting. I am a huge fan of your product. Works well in vehicle ​his in any urban area hide. It’s the best.!!

–Retired swat sniper

Great product! Never shot off one and was hitting targets easily at over 500yds. Make sure you have a good tripod!


The pig saddle is a very good quality piece of work. But being a metal stamping I can see its limitations and the reason that the hog saddle was necessary. For shorter range applications and the price savings over the Hog saddle it meets my needs well. Holds rock solid when torqued tight. The only flaw that I have found is the lack of the hole for the antirotation on the tripod mount. But being from a aerospace background that is no problem for me other customers my not have the same option.

As a farm owner protecting crop fields from prairie dog damage is a necessity. The Pig Saddle greatly increases the accuracy of my 100+ yard shots thus freeing up my time for more important tasks.
–Farmer G

Only tried it twice but fitted to a manfrotto tripod I can shoot 1moa groups where with my Harris 25″ bipod I was shooting 2 or worse moa groups. Wish I had bought the hogs saddle rather than the pigs as I believe the hog is a lot lighter. The clamp works well and doesn’t leave any marks on the laminate stock even done up tight. 
Dose what it says on the tin.

Rock solid mount, easy to install and use. 5 stars would highly recommend. Desi

They were using the pig saddle at the Outdoor Life shooting class at Rifles Only, in Kingsville. Awesome and monkey-proof. I bought two.
Tip: disconnect the rear clip from your sling, then “candy cane” the front of the sling around the trip-pod’s vertical post. Slowly twist the sling until the horizontal reticle is pulled down to where you want it. The tension will make it really really stable.

Takes the “wobble” out of my long distance, small target shots.

I remember the old days of cheap camera tripods and PVC rests and they were high speed but crudely made. Now its all one piece and combined with a good tripod, its a mission enhancer. Thanks for taking the time to fill the gap that we have needed for years.

One of the best pieces of gear you’ll buy for your rifle. The main reason I chose it was its ability to actually support the rifle. Most rests or supports, the rifle just lays on, but the PIG Saddle ® (and HOG Saddle ®), actually support the weight of the rifle. It makes your ability to maintain a position much better and causes less fatigue. As a sniper for a major city, it has made my job easier and me more efficient! Thanks for a great product!

Great customer service with the questions I had. Needed elevation and stability for our hunt with so much brush in the way. Bi-pods wouldn’t cut it with a lot of inconsistencies between shots. This tightened the groups up to give us the confidence to take those further shots to humanly harvest those animals…. Thx guys.

If this is the cheaper version, I can’t even imagine how well built the Hog Saddle is. Something will break on my tripod long before anything does on my Pig Saddle.

Great Product
Extremely well built and exceptional service

I will take the Pig saddle to the range this week end and try it at 500yards. I have a Q666 carbon fiber tripod attached. The setup is very stable at home on the floor.

I am very impressed with the PIG Saddle ® and the huge expansion of capabilities it creates. As a multi level platform on the tripod, the PIG Saddle ® instantly expanded my operational capability to function as a LEO sniper. I quickly found the saddle to provide a firm, positive hold on my issued weapon and with a Manfrotto 322rc head, a wide range of adjusted mechanical movement to create needed angles to establish/ build various firing positions. Coworkers thought I wasted my money until I demonstrated the use of your product and stacked fives rounds into the same hole. The jokes stopped there. Happy sniper here. Thank you
–W Wilkinson

This product is 2nd to none. Well designed and engineered product that is fully functional for any shooters/hunters need. I bought this product to use while hunting in Arizona. The PIG saddle allows me to shoot long distance from any position, without fear of an unleveled and shaky platform. LOVE IT & RECOMMEND WITH CONFIDENCE
–Sgt. Matthew Bergman

Excellent product. I ordered this shortly before a deployment and it arrived just in time. I used the PIG saddle with the same tripods I use with my cameras. It worked flawless, is robust and easy to use. Being able to quick detach is a vast improvement over other systems i have used. I will be ordering another one.

As a police sniper in a city in the northeast about 90% of the deployments i’ve been on didn’t allow for a prone bipod shot. So i bought the pig saddle and ran it the first time today, during training. I fired my cold bore shot at 100yds from standing with the pig saddle, and put the first round right where it needed to be. Then the follow up went right on top of the cold bore! Afterward, i dropped to a sitting position and put 3 rounds on top of each other (approx.1/2″). This thing is awesome. If only i can get the agency to buy a few… All of my teammates used it and were smoking targets with ease the first time out. Don’t hesitate buy one and be sure not to skimp on a good tripod.

The Pig Saddle is not only affordable – but is a must have for anyone into precision shooting whether it be sporting or tactical. Its rugged, rock-solid and easier to use than 99.9% of the leading shooting accessories on the market present day. In my eyes Shadow Tech LLC developed the biggest technological break-through in history for precision shooting. My PIG-Saddle arrived in 2-Days! with the standard shipping choice offered at check-out. As soon as it arrived – I headed to the nearest Best Buy and picked up a Manfrotto Tripod they happened to have on sale for $60 – then it was to my range. From the sitting position in my $10 fold-open hunter’s stool (3 aluminum bars supporting a nylon material) with the PIG Saddle ® on the Manfrotto, I was able to consistantly maintain 1/2 – 3/4 MOA @ 100 yds with my M24… @ 200 yds I was still guarenteed sub-moa – All groups both 100 yds & 200 yds were 5-shot groups with Federal 168 gr. Gold Medal Match. I’m going to order a few more of these and grab a few more Manfrotto tripods (go with Manfrotto – they’re the “Cadillac” of tripods – tough enough to support various weapons systems and heavy recoil). If you’re debating on ordering a PIG Saddle ® – stop, click buy, check out – and trust and believe it will be worth every penny. The PIG Saddle ® is the real deal. – Eric from Ohio

I recently purchased my second PIG Saddle ®. The first one I owned was “borrowed” by a good friend who decided he was going to keep it. LOL. We recently had several customers and friends out for a long-range event in Blakely, GA at a 2200-yard range. Using the PIG Saddle ® on a Manfrotto 190B tripod we were easily engaging a steel plate at 1130-yards in pitch black using a PVS22 and tracers out of a 19# (with optics and suppressor) rifle. PIG Saddle ® setup was rock solid. Even some young men (ages 10 to 14) with us were making hits with this setup. Great kit! Highly recommend it.
–Mark Kuczka 

This is a well thought out and well made product. A superbly practical aid for the rifleman both as a support for the rifle, or spotting scope, range finder or other optic.
–Rob D-W  

As a predator hunter, especially Eastern coyotes, the PIG saddle provides a solid harness for my various rifles. Mated to a Manfrotto tripod it gives rock steady support for one shot one kill performance at distances often needed for hung up varmints. That is a big plus when hunting an elusive animal such as the coyotes here in the east. Very pleased.

Like it so much I am buying another one

Must have. Fast shipping and good people

Eliminates the hard to hard contact. The rifle doesn’t bounce when fired from a hard surface. It works better then advertised. I was skeptical at first but now have them on all my rifles.
–tony palzkil

Pig Skins Barricade Pads are the best thing since sliced bread! I have them on five rifles, and tried to mount one on a Remington 700, with the rubberized stock, but the pad wouldn’t stick to it. I don’t know if you can damage a Remington rubberized stock, but I thought that replacing the Barricade Pads periodically, would be less expensive than replacing the Remington stock. But the Pads would not stick to the rubberized stock, at all. I can use that pad on another rifle, when it’s pad needs replacing. The Hog Vice works great, as well. Put the rifle in the jaws, and its there until you loosen the vice. Splendid device, sitting or standing!
–tW.J. Tutwiler

The pig-skin is a great product. It obviously installs easily and the 6″ version fit my Magpul Hunter 700 stock like it was built for it. Its combination of just the right material and just the right softness lends to the tacky feel you get that allows you to load forward or rearward with more force than you would think it would allow. I guess the Hog Saddle guys have cracked the code on getting the perfect friction coefficient out of a material. It doesn’t seem like it will degrade or wear easily either. Shipped super fast as well. Great kit with the added bonus of supporting a vet owned company!

Its always the simple things that scream ” why didn’t I think of that ? ” 

Its even better when they work exactly as designed. 

Couple that with quality material and you get a great finished product. 

Thanks guys, I am going to recommend this to other shooters in our “club”. It is appreciated.

–John M Smith

This thing is so sticky compared to similar products. You can effectively load the rifle into the barricade with just the pad instead of a mag well or other barricade stop. I have them on all of my rifles. It works great on all of them, form the .22 to the .30 cal.


Just received the Barricade Pads and mounted the first one on my McMillan/Sig .308. The 6″ fit perfectly between the mag well and the bipod. I did some basic tests and this pad retains a excellent barricade/rifle weld. 
Can’t beat the combination of US/Vet made!

–Sean M.

Product works great as described. Shipping was quick and professional!

–Clay A..

I’ve ordered two (4.5 & 6.5)PIG Skins. Both arrived quickly within days of ordering. Packaged well. All componets hook & loops included.
PIG Skins are well made and constructed by Vet owner. Works well, looks good and attaches as designed

–Steve Duell-Indy.

I received these this morning. I had limited time, but I could not help myself. I had to put one on my new AXMC and hit the barricade with it. I fired 40 rounds from multiple positions. The Pig Skin pad worked out very well. The added grip is very nice. It absorbs some of the “bounce” you can sometimes get when resting on a hard surface. It’s not often that a product comes along that is less than $15 and will actually help improve your shooting. I will have these on every rifle I own.


Awesome sling and piece of equipment. Used it during a Long range Precision rifle course with MOA and was able to quickly adjust it and get into different firing positions to engage targets out to 1000yds. No nonsene, simple and all business.

–Roberto Rodondo

Bought this sling to increase the stability of the Hog Saddle. I have use more comfortable slings for carrying a rifle for an extended period of time but they usually have form or elastic and won’t work well for this purpose.
When used correctly, it increases the stability of the Hog Saddle mounted on a Manfrotto tripod quite a bit. Used it on an elk hunt in NM and did the job very well.


I asked around on different forums for a good sling. My rifle is heavy, and I needed a sling that was quick to adjust for PRS style shooting, and to just be able to carry the rifle and not worry of it failing. When I saw it was under $60 bucks I jumped on it! I was skeptical when I seen the hardware was plastic but when I got it, I realized it was really well made. I pulled and jerked on the buckle to see if it was going to fail but I couldn’t get it to budge. I am very happy with my purchase! A well made product!

–I purchased the SS Loophole Sling and I have to say it is exactly what I was looking for. No fancy bells and whistles just utility pre and simple, who needs a sling that you have to consult a manual to use. It is truly a great product at an exceptional price.

–I purchased the SS Loophole Sling and I have to say it is exactly what I was looking for. No fancy bells and whistles just utility pre and simple, who needs a sling that you have to consult a manual to use. It is truly a great product at an exceptional price.


ry happy with my sling. Nice to see something built with pride in America!

Ty Fielder

This sling is functionally simple
And built exactly as you expect , heavy duty, well thought out and exceptional craftsmanship.

S. Prelle

I’ve been shooting with this new Feisol ball head on both my training and my Remmy Magpul Edition .260 Rem M700 for a few days now and it’s absolutely trustworthy. No slipping anywhere, just the right tension on the 360 degree pan characteristics , and I’ve been very happy with the ball head tension release/control positioned for my support hand while shooting/strong hand remains on the pistol grip. It’s a great price point compared to all the upper end / high zoot/large name/ big $$ ball head assemblies. This unit is strong enough for my clients and shooters at my PR matches in Garrison Petawawa, Ontario, Canada. Thanks Shadow Tech LLC for bringing/selling / making available this great price point, value ball head assembly. I’m showing this to all my clients and shooting contacts. Bravo Zulu!

Tactical Teacher 

I shoot off a tripod when I predator hunt. I shoot either a .223 AR or a Ruger .308 bolt gun, neither of which are exactly lightweight rifles. This tripod holds them both rock solid. Much better then my old setup. Outstanding product!


Nice tripod. Definitely heavy duty. The rubber feet are rugged looking too. The spike feet and hook are a nice option. And the bag is a plus. The only issue I see is the center column, when raised, is hard to lock in enough to hold my RPR if any additional weight it added (ie leaning into the rifle). I don’t plan on raising it too often, so I’m not concerned. But overall, no regrets.


I was directed to the Slik700 because of it’s reputation and many PRS shooters seem to agree on this price point and corresponding value. I was even more excited and tickled when Shadow Tech LLC released this rendition with all the tweaks and upgrades we PRS shooters have sought or modified or wished for. Thanks for doing that. I bought this tripod with the intention of enduring some abuse that my shooting clients at my PR /PRS matches will give it. This ain’t your dad’s Slik 700 tripod for photography. Love the short center column, this allows you to open the unit up and get down low. Love the gear hook on the bottom of the center column to hang my shooting ruck. It’s tough and bombproof like the tripod unit. This tripod comes with a 3/8″ x 16 spindle up top and that reassures me it’s made for more serious work than a video or DSLR camera unit. It’s made for 25 lb PR rigs, and I’m super pleased it’s over built. This baby comes with both the rubber and spiked feet. Nice upgrade/touch. Thanks. It’s super well thought of and any PRS Shooter or deploying shooter will not be disappointed. Great value, great price point, great tweaks, what’s not to like?

Tactical Teacher

I got this Tripod with a Pig saddle to use with my belt fed and both are perfect . I love this Tripod . It is light but you can tell it is built tough . You can get really low also .I used this for my 50 bmg and I could see a clear improvement in accuracy -vs- prone with a bipod . I do wish it had some raptor feet on it though just because it would look badass lol

Thomas W. Donohue 

We are conducting Village Stability Operations in AF. We train and mentor Afghan Local Police. Our team has some hog saddles to try. We have been using them in OP sites… As you know we always made these out of receptacle boxes or PVC. We like the durability, light weight, and quick acquisition of the mount. We train and mentor Afghan Local Police. The “kids” at the OP really got a kick out of the MK 13! 
Thanks for a great product 

MSOC Gunnery Sergeant in Afghanistan 

I had one of your Hog Saddle prototypes over in the Sand Box. Easily put two rounds together, center mass on target at 350 yards. Bad-ass product.

Marine Scout Sniper  

For years we’ve been looking for a solid tripod rest and never found one. We have seen every type of mount there is… We have never seen anything like the Hog Saddle. It keeps the rifle firmly in position and on target. It’s a solid product. I would like every instructor to be outfitted with one.

– SOTG Urban Sniper Instructor, Camp Pendleton, CA  

We just received the Hog Saddle order. The team loves them. They should be a big asset to our Mk-13 .300 Win Mags!

– MARSOC Marine Sniper  

As far as the Hog saddle mounts go… we qualified on Friday with tripods and blew the qual out of the water. So no complaints at all. Every sniper that has seen one has got to have one. Got a bunch of people asking for one.

– 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, Chief Scout Sniper/Scout Sniper School Instructor
(Sent while attending SOTG Urban Sniper Course)

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw your product I got pissed off. Why didn’t I think of that? The Hog Saddle is a solid piece of kit that should have been around a long time ago but I am glad it was at least another Marine who came up with the product.

– Force Recon Sniper 

I’m sold. Every sniper needs a Hog Saddle.

– Marine Corps Scout Sniper School Instructor, Camp Pendleton, CA 

I wish this product was around when I was still in the Marines. We were shooting off of sticks and chunks of modified PVC pipe. You always had to maintain control of the rifle while balanced on top of a jerry-rigged Walmart tripod support. The Hog Saddle now allows the sniper to easily keep ‘scope on target’ and still be able to manage comms, shift rotation, range cards, etc…

Marine Scout Sniper, 2004-2008

I wish this product was around when I was still in the Marines. We were shooting off of sticks and chunks of modified PVC pipe. You always had to maintain control of the rifle while balanced on top of a jerry-rigged Walmart tripod support. The Hog Saddle now allows the sniper to easily keep ‘scope on target’ and still be able to manage comms, shift rotation, range cards, etc…

Marine Scout Sniper, 2004-2008

We’ve been looking for a solid, durable rifle mount for a long time. The Hog Saddle is exactly what we’ve been looking for.

MARSOC Team Leader/Sniper

My snipers love the Hog Saddle. We were easily taking shots at 800 and 900m with our 300WM’s. You will be expecting an order to outfit my team when we get back.

Navy Seal Team Leader

The Hog Saddle is a solid piece of kit and I think every sniper who graduates from our course needs to have one..

-Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command 


Military and Law Enforcement Units can purchase and request quotes through our GSA Government Vendors. Contact us for ordering information.    

NSN 1005-01-616-2719

MOD7 HOG Saddle ®

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TRX1018 Carbon Fiber Bolt Cutters