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Q: What is the best tripod/head to use with the HOG Saddle ® or PIG Saddle ®?

A: Traditionally a 055 or 190 series Manfrotto brand tripod was the industry standard but there have been many improvements in the last few years.

Three tripod models that have become extremely popular are:

• PIGlite-CF4 Carbon Fiber Tripod- rated for 24 pounds

• PIG0311-G Field Tripod- rated for 26 pounds

• PIG0311-GS SHORT Field Tripod- rated for 26 pounds

• DX700PRO- rated for 19.8 pounds

The PIGlite-CF4 & PIG0311-G tripods both come with interchangeable spiked feet, short center columns with 365 degree rotation, load bearing hook, and painted OD Green.

A big advancement in ball heads recently is the increase in load bearing strength. The days of using traditional grip action heads rated for 14lbs is over.

The ball heads that we offer all have high load ratings and are arca-swiss QD plate compatible. The arca-swiss plates (like the MARC-QD & DP-60R) allow the user to use two bolts to attach to the base of a saddle. This make it impossible for the QD plate to ever twist loose over time.

High load rating ball heads also allow the user to adjust the ball head to 90% tension. This essentially turns the ball had into a hands-free adjusting tripod. This is a huge leap forward when hunting at night. The higher the load rating = the smoother the movement when supporting a 20+ rifle or laser system.

List of high load rating ball head that we carry:

• GNN XB-52DL Ball Head, rated for 132 pounds

• GNN XB-44DL Ball Head, rated for 86 pounds

• GNN FB-52 Ball Head, rated for 44 pounds

Q: What is the difference between the HOG Saddle ® and PIG Saddle ®.
A: Basically two main differences.
The HOG Saddle ® is CNC machined aluminum making it 30% lighter weight than the PIG Saddle ®. The PIG Saddle ® is slightly heavier due to its steel construction.
Stability wise, the MOD7 HOG Saddle ® will feel slightly more stable when shooting past 600 yards. Ranges closer than 600 yds are equally stable.
A premium product VS a proven product that gets the job done & doesn’t break the bank
*Since the PIG Saddle ® closes to a slightly smaller dimension, it is sometimes a more appropriate choice when using an ultra-thin competition rifle chassis that is 1.5” wide. Check your chassis width if you own a McRee, MPA, or MDT aftermarket chassis.
HOG Saddle ®
Max opening 2-5/8”
Minimum opening 1-1/2”
Weight 15.8oz
PIG Saddle ®
Max opening 3-1/8”
Minimum opening 1-3/8”
Weight 1.4 lbs
Q: What is the extra threaded hole at the bottom of the base for?

A:The smaller 1/4-20 hole is the most commonly used hole for mounting the HOG Saddle to a tripod. The larger 3/8-16 hole is a backup mounting point for those who use tripods with removable swivel heads. The HOG Saddle is able to mount directly to the base of these tripods, acting as a contingency mounting option.

When using our arca-swiss QD plates (made for arca-swiss compatible ball heads) both threaded holes will be used to mount the QD plate for a superior mounting connection.

Q: Is there an optimum way to mount a HOG or PIG Saddle ® to a tripod?
A: The HOG Saddle ® has been designed to mount directly to various camera tripod heads or directly to the base of a tripod without utilizing a head. We recommend to mount the Saddle with and without a head, and then decide which works best for your personal application. Either way is a great option.
Direct mounting a saddle takes a little more skill but there is a stability advantage. You would loosen the center column to pan left/right. And loosen the saddle itself to adjust elevation or scope can’t. Once positioned, you retighten the saddle. 
It sounds strange but most people pick it up pretty quick. Direct mounting the saddle is very popular with the military/LE and hunters who hike into position due to the stability advantage and weight reduction of not having a ball head. 
You’ll either love it or hate it. Half our customers direct mount, the other half strictly use ball/panning heads. 
Q: Is a Picatinny Rail or Arca-Swiss direct mount accessory just as effective as a HOG Saddle ®?
A: No, and here are three reasons why.
A direct mount tripod limits your capabilities to using only a rifle with rails or arca-swiss cut-outs. The HOG Saddle ® will universally secure to any rifle with or without picatinny rails. A tripod rest shouldn’t dictate to the user which rifle is appropriate to employ.
A direct mount tripod creates a metal-on-metal contact to the rifle and tripod. This metal-on-metal contact sends rifle recoil straight to the tripod causing the rifle to erratically hop off target. The HOG Saddle ®’s specially engineered pads absorb rifle recoil and eliminate tripod hop, facilitating rapid follow up shots.
The HOG or PIG Saddle ® does not need to be used with a tripod head. This gives the user the option to reduce even more weight and streamline their tripod kit. Not incorporating a tripod head also reduces the overall cost to Department and Team purchases.
Q: What is the proper maintenance for my new HOG Saddle ® or PIG Saddle ® Tripod System?
A: Maintenance is very simple. A brush and a damp cloth is all you need. It is recommended to wipe your saddle and tripod down every time after returning from the field.
Q: What rifles are compatible with the HOG Saddle ® or PIG Saddle ®?
A: The HOG Saddle ® is a universal rifle rest or optics clamp.
  Max opening 2-5/8”
  Max opening 2-5/8”
The PIG Saddle ® is a universal rifle rest or optics clamp.
  • Max opening 3-1/8”
  Minimum opening 1-3/8”
*Since the PIG Saddle ® closes to a slightly smaller dimension, it is sometimes a more appropriate choice when using an ultra thin competition rifle cassis that is 1.5” wide. Check your chassis width if you own a McRee, MPA, or MDT aftermarket chassis.
Here is a small list of rifles that are currently being used with the HOG Saddle ® throughout the military and law enforcement community.
  •  M16A4  •  M4  •  AR15   •  Mk-12   •  AR10   •  SR-25   •  Mk-11   •  M14 in SAGE Stock   •   XM25   •  M110 SASS   •  Remington 700   •  M24   •  M40A3   •  M40A5   •  M40A6    •  DARPA XM3   •  Mk-13   •  Accuracy International L115A3   •  SASR M107   •  McMillan TAC-50
Q: Will my HOG Saddle ® or PIG Saddle ® rust?
A: The HOG Saddle ® is extremely resistant to rust. The only metal materials used to construct the shooting platform are Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Short from dragging your HOG Saddle ® through the ocean on a daily basis, you shouldn’t experience a corrosion problem with our product.
The new Melonite finish on the PIG Saddle ® is even more corrosion resistant. This matte, non-glare finish meets or exceeds stainless steel specifications, is 85% more corrosion resistant than a hard chrome finish, and is 99.9% salt-water corrosion resistant.
Q: Is there a front or rear to the HOG Saddle ® or PIG Saddle ®?
A: No, the Saddle can be mounted with the torque knob on either the left or right side. If the rifle rest is mounted on a grip action head, we would recommend putting the torque knob on the same side as the grip action handle.
Q: Can I get replacement parts for my Saddle?
A: Yes, if you somehow destroy your recessed urethane pads, misplace the torque bolt, or lose the tension spring we can send you a replacement. Email us so we can get you back up and running. 
Q: Are your products made in the U.S.A.?
A: All of the products we manufacture are forged, machined, assembled, and sewn in the United States of America. (Berry Compliant)
​The tripod and ball head brands we carry are not manufactured in the USA.
Q: Where did the name “HOG Saddle ®” or “PIG Saddle ®” come from?
A: We get this question a lot. “HOG” is an acronym used by Marine Scout Snipers meaning Hunter of Gunmen. “Saddle” simply describes the style of rifle rest we manufacture.
“PIG” stands for Professionally Instructed Gunmen. An endearing term used for snipers-in-training.


Military and Law Enforcement Units can purchase and request quotes through our GSA Government Vendors. Contact us for ordering information.    

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